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Beautiful ingredients please.

Okay beauty lovers.  Does it make sense to use a product that makes you look pretty but is bogging down your body with harmful chemicals that contribute to aging?  We are all wanting to look our best, our most radiant and our most youthful, but at what cost?

As we continue to use toxic chemicals in our beauty products we may feel beautiful today but the long term outcome could be the most depleting and ageing experience of life you could ever know – you guessed it – serious health concerns.

I know first hand about this as a holistic hairstylist as I often work with women who are just out of chemo therapy. Their hair is just growing back and they have been advised to stay away from chemical hair colour as its too hard on their systems. 

These bold and courageous women have just been through hell.  They have fought for their lives by poisoning themselves in order to kill the cancer cells. They are nurturing themselves back to health and one way they do this is to AVOID harmful chemicals.

Do you need to wait until you go through a health crisis in order to make changes in your life? Changes that can PREVENT illness?

Please do yourself a favour and read this list compiled by David Sazuki. Put a copy in you purse – give one to your friends, you family your children. Its so very important.

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