Welcome.  My name is Kimberly Leslie and I am a eco-conscious bridal hair-stylist.  It’s a passion and love of mine to create beautiful bridal hair while using healthy, organic products.  My style is softness with form.  Imagine hair with a gypsy, bohemian and goddess sort of feeling.

I specialize in working with sensitive, empathic women who value the earth, holistic health and spirituality.  These women tend to love me as I am also aligned with these values and am quite finely tuned myself.

I also a space holder… I am able to “be with” all that is happening, whether it be emotions, intensity, fun, or a special moment.  I am there, quietly attending to everyone’s hair while meeting each person and moment with grace, love and professionalism.

I thank you for taking a moment from your day to read my words and peek around at my pictures and comments from other brides.  I would love to chat with you to see if we are a fit to work together on your day.





Big love,

Kimberly Leslie   

Owner & stylist





aj-portraits-31My bridesmaids and I felt so fortunate to have Kimberly style our hair for my wedding. She was a pleasure to have in the room with us the morning of, since she brings such a calm and nurturing presence and sets the perfect tone for the day.

Given a tight timeline, she efficiently finished all of our hair well before we expected, and in the time given, she managed to capture each of my friend's personalities and give them dos exactly suited to their style and hair type.

I felt like a woodland fairy with my hairstyle, and despite a very busy day and major dancing all night, it stayed intact, and even better, it softened gently through the day and looked more dreamy by the end of the night.

Other times I've been a bridesmaids everyone is choking on clouds of hairspray, so I also appreciate Kimberly's use of more natural styling products and processes.

Basically Kimberly is amazing!

~Amanda Arbuthnot


Amanda Arbuthnot June 17, 2016